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Forum Thread: Pin Tags Demo

Video: . This app will allow you to implement a tagging strategy (think word cloud) across Leads, Accounts and Opportunities.One of Salesforce Lightning's greatest drawbacks is the deprecation of "tags," but CloudAnalogy built Pin Tags to build this functionality in Lightning.users can now create custom categories for different objects,control the privacy, and everyone can run reporting on tags to see how their different clients have been tagged.

Forum Thread: Best E-Commerce Web Development Company in USA

I am an E-commerce professional at FME Extensions - a Magento development company. I have developed Magento extensions & custom E-commerce projects. FMEextensions is a premium Magento custom website development company established in 2009. FME has successfully completed 10,000+ e-commerce projects and has a wide range of top free & premium extensions & themes in their online store.

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