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Forum Thread: How the Male Sperm and Female Egg Meet!

Video: . For successful conception, sperm need to make the most remarkable journey through the bodies of men and women. It is a journey that scientists have only recently been able to understand in any detail, with new discoveries being made all the time. This article outlines our current knowledge and explains what makes for a winning sperm, but also why the majority of sperm never make it at all.

Forum Thread: Trade Bots

This provides you the much needed space and time and to empower you to trade in Trading dynamically, automatically and profitably. Our robust Trade Bot allows you to define your own trading strategies and it runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

Forum Thread: What Is a Biometric Time Attendance System?

The biometric attendance system is used in many workplace areas like companies, industries,businesses, organizations, schools, collegs and any other workplaces. Biometric attendance system is a face and finger recognition system which verifies the identity of a person and records like in and out time, leaves, etc. for the purpose of calculating and keeping a record of the attendance.

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