Forum Thread: What Is a Biometric Time Attendance System?

The biometric attendance system is used in many workplace areas like companies, industries,businesses, organizations, schools, collegs and any other workplaces. Biometric attendance system is a face and finger recognition system which verifies the identity of a person and records like in and out time, leaves, etc. for the purpose of calculating and keeping a record of the attendance.

This cloud-based or web-based biometrics system technology is used in measuring and analyzing a behavioural and physiological characteristic of a person. Fingerprints, face recognitions, hand movements, voice patterns are among a few of these characteristics. All these are used to essentially identify a person and his/her characteristics.

These characteristics of biometrics are so tightly connected to every individual that they can never be stolen, forgotten, shared or hacked. Biometric Time Attendance system includes Superior Features:

Live and Fake Finger Detection
Automatic Finger Scanner
Patented Finger Matching Algorithm
Registration and Authentication Levels can be Set by Users
Transaction Option Set by User
Biometric Device Stored Capacity ranges for 500 template to -250000 templates
Provides high security
Removes chances of fraud

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