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Over the adding together taking place two decades, GLM has animate itself to producing high atmosphere and cost sparkling aftermarket marine products. From innovative air materials to the most campaigner computerized machinery, GLM has made a loyalty to the marine industry and its consumers to speak to the most outstanding, honorable and compatible products to meet the demands of consumers.

All GLM products are brand added from the factory and enormously compatible and interchangeable behind OEM. Advanced technology, innovative materials, and compatibility all the time append and GLM Aftermarket Mercruiser Manifold Kits strives to be all along these advances in every one of their products. In the year 2013 alone, they offered on the zenith of a dozen added and daring products just to their manifold lineage!

For marine exhaust manifolds, an accurate cast is crucial. The uniformity of GLM's internal walls enables them to grow the water cooling area inside the manifold by 30 to 40%, decreasing exhaust gas temperature and lowering overall engine compartment temperature. The correctness of the casts prevents thin bad skin in the internal walls that can corrode minister to on, possibly causing bitter engine flashing. The casting precision increases the cartoon of the manifold, thus reducing costly repairs for the shipowner. By tuning the manifolds (separating the exhaust cylinders internally) GLM is clever to combine the engine's efficiency, which results in fuel savings and increased undertaking.

GLM Products, Inc. takes things a few fathoms deeper. While most aftermarket marine parts manufacturers outsource their design and production, GLM's specialty is enhancing its product origin by using an intensely gifted in-dwelling design and engineering crew. The completion to design O.E.M. replacement parts that toting taking place the reliability, assume ahead and completion of a boat is GLM's key advantage in the aftermarket marine parts industry.

For on peak of two decades, GLM has made the commitment to produce the highest quality in aftermarket marine parts. Using far and wide along materials, the Lost Foam casting process allows GLM to manufacture manifolds following perplexing internal passages that are more durable and honorable than new types of casting technology. Lost Foam casting is also less costly than usual casting methods, and is an environmentally nice process, resulting in the front-thinking marine parts.

During independent psychiatry conducted by Family and Performance Boating magazine, GLM manifolds outperformed the accrual manifolds in several categories including planning era, where the GLM manifold was adept to shorten the period it took the ship to zeppelin by six seconds, as capable as peak readiness, where the GLM manifold gained approaching two and a half miles per hour upon the radar gun.

With the GLM manifolds, you comply to the assistance of a high stroke manifold without the tall cost of custom exhaust systems. GLM manifolds are cast as 100 percent indigenous equipment replacements for Mercruiser, Volvo, and OMC as expertly as several new major manufacturers, hence that means no modifications or alterations are vital. They are in reality "bolt-upon" high-performance replacements that have the funds for the consumer the play in and reliability needed to withstand the rough demands of the marine tone.

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